December 23

Divorce doesn’t have to disrupt the holidays

If you are divorced — or are going through a divorce — you can still enjoy a peaceful holiday. Here are some ideas to help keep the stress level down. Resist the sentimental urge to bend the custody agreement. You certainly want to be agreeable for the sake of the children, but there’s a reason.

October 12

Stay-at-home Mom? Divorce requires thinking ahead.

Years ago, you and your spouse decided it was important for you to leave your career to stay home and raise your family. Since then, your family — and you — have relied solely on your spouse’s income and credit. But now your marriage has taken a turn for the worse, and divorce seems like.

June 20

Traveling internationally with a minor this summer?

Traveling at a young age can teach children many things. Different cultures, food, climate and people from around the world can inspire and shape a young person’s life. But before you go explore the Amazon or flirt with danger on an African safari you have to get the kids on the plane and into another.

January 25

2016: The year it all comes together

With the New Year comes resolutions, personal goals, and a fresh start. How are you doing on your legal checklist? Make 2016 the year you get a step ahead. Write your Will. It is best if you are the one making decisions about your estate and how it is handled at your death. If you.

August 3

No ‘wife bonus’? You can still document your value to the family

A recent book, “Primates of Park Avenue,” prompted a barrage of media coverage when it introduced the concept of a “wife bonus” — an annual bonus for a stay-at-home mom based on the corporate bonus of her husband. While media attention caused the author Wednesday Martin to backpedal on exactly how widespread this practice is.

April 7

Mediation: A Cost-Effective Alternative

Lawsuits are one way to resolve disputes, but they may not always be the best way. One alternative is mediation. In general, a mediation faster and less expensive. Unlike most lawsuits, mediations are confidential. Here’s how they work. Let’s take the example of a couple building a new home. The couple has become dissatisfied with.

March 30

Are you a Spring Break Chaperone? Enforce the law

The Florida panhandle has long been a Spring Break hot spot, especially for the Atlanta area. And like everywhere else in the United States, the legal drinking age is 21.  Spring Break, minors, and alcohol are a bad combination, and almost always lead to trouble. Here are some tips if you are traveling with teens.

February 16

Adoptions can be complicated

Adoption — the social and legal process that builds a family — gives nearly 4,000 children a year the same rights and benefits as those born into a family in Georgia. If adoption is one of your family’s goals in 2015, Cauthorn Nohr & Owen’s attorneys can help you navigate state laws that govern this.

January 22

The right support is critical when divorcing

Divorce is a journey you don’t have to travel alone. While you will certainly want to gather a village of support, there are three people you absolutely should have on your team: a lawyer, a financial advisor, and a recently divorced friend. A lawyer: There are many different ways to handle divorce in Georgia. Cauthorn.