July 17

Do you have the right legal documents ready for your college student?

If you have a child leaving for college soon, here is one more item to add to your to-do list: Execute an advance directive for health care. Sure, you want your young adult to gradually accept personal responsibility. And surely you want to avoid the dreaded label-helicopter mom. But push the pause button long enough.

May 18

Heading to the lake? You’ll want to know the law

Another blazing-hot Georgia summer is right around the corner. That means cookouts, road trips, and hanging out on the lake. Don’t get caught unprepared on your boat — know these boating laws, and you won’t have to worry on the water. To operate a boat you must be 16 years old and have a driver’s.

May 12

Atlanta’s Caring Lawyers: Tips on selecting elder care

Drive around north Atlanta and you’ll see signs for new senior care facilities popping up all over the place. “Coming Soon.” “Senior Living.” “Memory Care Available Here.” As our parents age, we want them to be close to us and close to the neighborhoods where they’ve lived for years. What do you look for when.

April 20

Have a young football player? Know the risks.

Football is a great sport, but it can be risky. Since 1997, approximately 50 teen-age players in high school and youth leagues have died or sustained serious head injuries on the field. For every 10,000 games or practices, 11 high school aged or younger players suffer concussions. The rate for college players is about 6.3.

September 23

Looking for a personal injury attorney? Ask these important questions

Looking for a personal injury attorney? Ask these important questions

If you’ve ever been injured in an accident you know the pain is more than physical. The emotional and financial stress can be even more debilitating. You need allies as you sort through the maze of legal proceedings that often accompany serious injuries. Before you retain an attorney, however, be clear on exactly what the firm you select can offer.