June 27

Do you own a small business?

There are approximately 982,000 small businesses in Georgia, and nearly 150,000 of these have fewer than 20 employees. Are you one of these business owners? Is your estate in order? Whether you have zero, two, or dozens of employees, the right legal advice can protect you and your family. NOW is the time to pay.

June 20

Traveling internationally with a minor this summer?

Traveling at a young age can teach children many things. Different cultures, food, climate and people from around the world can inspire and shape a young person’s life. But before you go explore the Amazon or flirt with danger on an African safari you have to get the kids on the plane and into another.

February 19

Ruling has multiple winners

With some cases, the victory goes beyond the winning party — it is a victory for the law itself. That’s what happened when Judge Robert Leonard II of Cobb County Superior Court dismissed the lawsuit against attorney Hylton Dupree Jr. that attempted to tangle up Dupree in a legal issue involving Waffle House Chairman Joe Rogers.

February 12

Social media: It’s not just personal

Social media is changing the way we communicate with the world. It is enticing, yet can also be risky. There are numerous examples of social media gone wrong in the workplace. Recently, a high-ranking official with Georgia’s Department of Education stepped down after he was called out for racially charged posts on his personal Facebook.

January 25

2016: The year it all comes together

With the New Year comes resolutions, personal goals, and a fresh start. How are you doing on your legal checklist? Make 2016 the year you get a step ahead. Write your Will. It is best if you are the one making decisions about your estate and how it is handled at your death. If you.

November 30

Hosting a Holiday Party?

Hosting a party is a blast-gathering your closest friends, family, or co-workers can be great way to get away from the everyday grind. But hosting a holiday party also comes with responsibility that goes beyond picking the champagne. If you’re planning to host a party this holiday season, you need to know about your responsibilities:.

October 28

TRICK or Treat

The idea of pranks on Halloween is embedded in the name of children’s second favorite holiday activity (opening presents on Christmas morning being No. 1, right?) When given the option, most kids will take the treat over the trick, but for some, mischief is a given on Halloween night. Startling someone at your doorstep with.

September 30

A few traffic laws may surprise you

Drive sober or get pulled over. Click it or Ticket. You’ve heard these campaigns and because of them, you may be familiar with the laws. If you drink and drive, you get a DUI. If you don’t wear your seatbelt you receive a citation. But have you heard about the new campaign “Speed in the.

September 22

Teachers who resigned under pressure may have new opening to return to teaching

Layoffs during the recession. Low-paying positions. Fewer college students entering the profession. Political scrutiny. It’s a perfect storm for many metro Atlanta school districts, one that has created the highest number of teaching vacancies in recent years. That’s good news for some teachers who have left the profession, even those who resigned under pressure. According.

August 3

No ‘wife bonus’? You can still document your value to the family

A recent book, “Primates of Park Avenue,” prompted a barrage of media coverage when it introduced the concept of a “wife bonus” — an annual bonus for a stay-at-home mom based on the corporate bonus of her husband. While media attention caused the author Wednesday Martin to backpedal on exactly how widespread this practice is.